Our Garden

A vegetable basket ,cultivated with care and dedication ,free of fertilizers and chemicals , where every vegetable grows richly in its natural habitat  is something that our guests can enjoy.

Acheron River

Widely renowned for its Greek mythological history, the Acheron River is a landscape of paramount natural beauty that should not be missed. According to Greek Mythology, the river is rumored to have very cold waters because it carried the souls of the deceased down to the Underworld. Apart from the myths surrounding the location, it is also a place of exceptional natural beauty where visitors can enjoy a plethora of watersports to fully immerse themselves in the surroundings. Activities include trekking, rafting, horse riding, paragliding, and more.


The Amvrakikos Gulf is one of the national parks of Greece, known for its unparalleled beauty and ecological importance. It is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna of the highest environmental importance, while each area has stunning water colours and carries significant historical and cultural value. The bay resembles something akin to a lagoon, a unique feature in both the Balkans and Europe.
To fully appreciate the charm and flavours of Preveza, one must delve into its traditional cuisine. Preveza is famous for its fish dishes, such as shrimps, various types of fish and the famous botargo, often referred to as ‘the treasure of the lagoon’. A particularly enchanting experience is dolphin watching in the Amvrakikos Gulf, complemented by the enjoyment of the region’s rich gastronomy. Dolphins are frequent visitors to Preveza, coming from the vibrant ecosystem of the Amvrakikos Gulf.

Ancient Nikopolis

Preveza could easily be defined as a city of great archaeological treasures. Located right at the city’s entrance, Ancient Nikopolis breaths life to Preveza’s ancient character and is also to be included in UNESCO’s preserved archaeological sites. The town of Ancient Nikopolis represents the symbol of victory, as a tribute to Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian’s victory in the naval combat against Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Marco Antonio in Aktio in 31 BC. A walk through the famous City of Victory, among the great Roman theater and the exceptional mosaic findings, will make any visitor, to personally embrace the idea of Ancient Greece.

Ancient Kassopi

The Ancient Greek town of Kassopi built according to the Hippodameian system as well as the great theaters, offer an undescribable historical ambience. The breathtaking view, in addition to the extremely interesting architectural character of the town, will create an uncomparable experience for every visitor.

Ziros Lake and Red Bird

In Ziros’ perfecture visitors can enjoy plenty of impressive natural ambience. Ziros lake is a lake of magical beauty where its’ waters mirror the peacefulness and the earthly beauty offered by nature.  The lake also offers a variety of watersports for the visitors to fully enjoy the natural ambience.

Zalongo’s dance

Preveza’s archaeological importance does not stop in Ancient Nikopolis. Zalongo’s monument is one of the most influential as it represents a global symbol of freedom. The modern statue of the abstract, connected figure of women, represents the women of Souli (Souliotisses), who refused to surrender to the Ottoman army, and chose to heroicly fall from Zalngo’s mountain accompanied by their babies, dancing hand by hand. This deeply shocking event has left an indelible mark in history.

Venetian Clock Tower

Revealing Preveza’s cosmopolitan character and architecture, the Venetian tower of Agios Charalampos Cathedral lies in Preveza’s Old Market in the center of the town. The tower is Preveza’s  trademark, which the local people use as their meeting point.
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